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Wine bar Por

Wine bar Por
  • Wine bar Por
  • Wine bar Por
  • Wine bar Por
  • Wine bar Por
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Country of manufacture:Ukraine

The wine bar Porto is executed from a tree. Easy and capacious element of a house situation. The wine bar will be pleasant to fans of elegant style. Executed in the best traditions of wooden furniture, bar very strong. Bottles with wine will be stored in it. On average the standard bottle of wine weighs 1,2 – 1,3 kg. And only the qualitative furniture with the correct section of details and right assembly will maintain the weight of so many bottles. On each shelf it is possible to put 4-5 pieces in one row. Wine has to be stored horizontally to keep and improve the tastes. The LOMOD company decided to hide strong contents behind an elegant form. Therefore you can put the wine bar Porto as in a drawing room or the dining room, so in an office and in kitchen.

The wine bar is equipped with a drawer in which it is possible to put a corkscrew, wine accessories, napkins. Also it will be convenient to you to open wine on a sliding shelf. Its height is optimum for the average height of the person. On it it is possible and to pour wine on glasses. The wine bar Porto takes a little place, is easy and capacious. At the same time it is convenient in operation and will be suitable for storage of a small wine collection in your house.


Material: maple

Finishing: nut / white / wenge

Highway 50 – Century 107 – G. of 36 cm.

Number of bottles: from 16 pieces.

Brand: LOMOD
Country of manufacture: Ukraine
Information is up-to-date: 15.01.2018

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